Website Negotiations Update

March 24, 2008

We have been forced by the board to call a strike, based on the proposal that they gave tonight. We have given Dr. Riley, CV Superintendent, a 48 hours notice. Our strike will begin on Thursday, March 27.

In good faith, we created a revised proposal for the mediator to present to the board. The board informed our team that they decided to stop negotiating through the mediator and then presented the team with a new proposal.

The new proposal, although higher in percentage, is based on a salary matrix that decreases the total pot of money by slightly more than $600,000 in the first year alone. To add insult to injury, the newest proposal would freeze EVERYONE on their current step for three years. It would then take 32 years to reach the top of the schedule.

The board’s proposal details are:

Salary: 4.45, 4.45, 4.575, 4.575%
Healthcare: 9%, 10%, 11%, 12%
Planning Time: Current language would remain the same
Spousal Buyout: Current members would be grand-fathered; all new employees would not receive this
Three steps removed from the salary schedule in year 4. (All at the beginning of the schedule.) First three years of the contract there will be no step movement; all will be frozen

These salaries are not competitive with other surrounding districts. Under this proposal we will not attract and keep our high quality teachers.


January 23, 2008

Tonight’s negotiations meeting was preceded by an enthusiastic rally of teachers, parents, and students who braved the cold in support of the teachers’ positions. Chants of “Hold the Line”, “We Want a Fair Contract”, and “We are CV” greeted negotiators as they entered the building.

The negotiations team rejected the board’s latest offer as per the membership’s mandate. The board came back with the message that retroactivity is permanently off the table. The board stated that any future meetings would be “at the call of the mediator.”

There are currently no negotiations scheduled.



January 4, 2008

At the January 3, 2008 negotiations meeting, the CV school board responded to CVEA’s November 8, 2007 proposal by announcing that the new board unanimously rejected it with a 9-0 vote.

The school board then made a counter offer proposing the same salary and healthcare as previously offered.  The board did not address the issues of planning time and spousal healthcare coverage addressed by CVEA.  The board’s new proposal included retroactive salary with the condition that the contract would need to be settled immediately.

CVEA made a major move by dropping 4 percentage points over the course of the contract. The counter offer included a 4.9% raise in salary, a healthcare contribution of 8%, 9%, 9%, 10% over the next four years, and a 3-step decrease in salary schedule. 

In response to the significant movement in proposed salary by CVEA, the board counter-offered with only a .25% increase in the third year in a four year contract.  The board’s healthcare package remained at 9%, 10%, 11% and 12% over a four-year contract.  No step decrease in the salary schedule was proposed.

No settlement was agreed upon between CVEA and the school board.

The next negotiations meeting is set for January 23, 2008.


November 8, 2007

We amended our healthcare offer in an effort to demonstrate that we are
committed to controlling healthcare costs. Our proposal offers to pay 15%
of the district’s new costs.


CVEA Proposal 11/8/07

Board's Health Care Proposal 9/07





CVEA proposal

Salary Ranking

School Board proposal

Board benefits proposal1

Board benefits proposal2


September 19, 2007

CVEA has offered a creative solution to the ongoing negotiations with a proposal at the September 19, 2007 meeting with the board.

The board has consistently offered a 4% raise.  We have offered to agree to 4% plus the average attritional savings. 


September 17, 2007

CVEA members conducted an informational picketing this morning before the start of our work day. The purpose of the informational picketing was to raise community awareness about the teachers' situation. The teachers at Cumberland Valley are working to reach a fair and equitable agreement that will attract and retain quality teachers in Cumberland Valley because our children deserve the best the profession has to offer.